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Regan Remy

The Professional Composer

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Regan Remy
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Regan Remy The Professional Composer

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Meet Regan Remy

A Collection of Quality and professionalism

“Regan Remy delivers a mystical and mythological connection with her voice and music!”

-Jeffrey Fayman
Immediate Music

"I’ve used High Priestess Regan’s music on my show Moral Orel to amazing effect. Her ethereal sounds created a mood that not only enhanced the imagery of the segment it was placed over, but also created another level of haunting beauty, taking my intended sequence and transporting it onto a higher plane of artistic brilliance. It remains one of the most sublime moments of the series. I now play her music often when I write in order to inspire the most elusive areas in my subconscious."

-Dino Stamatopoulos
Moral Orel

“Regan sings through her fingers and her voice. She writes music that moves the soul.”

-Dream Rockwell

Regan listened carefully to our needs, took creative direction well, and composed a piece that fit our television advertisement perfectly. Throughout the process, she remained focused on the end product and stayed true to client feedback. Regan is a true professional in every sense of the word, and I look forward to hiring her again and again.

-Sarah Daniels
Vice President of Marketing

“Original, unique and versatile are just a few of the superlatives to describe the music composition skills of Regan Remy. Her ability to generate a wide range of styles makes her song writing and scoring abilities an incredible asset to any project.”

-Robert McGinley

“I was in need of something very specific and under a tight deadline. I sent her an extremely rough temp track with my short film and not only did Regan immediately get what I was going after, she completely NAILED it on the first pass! A simple couple of tweaks and we were done! On time and, well, I coughed up a little something extra after she convinced me to go that extra mile and go with live musicians. Way worth it and her musicians were second to none. She's brilliant in her execution and such a joy to work with. I will always call her when I need something scored!

-Jon Enge

"Regan is one of the most charismatic, capable, diverse, and hardworking people I know, and it absolutely manifests in her music. I'm always immensely grateful when I can have her on my team."

-Tara Strand

“Regan is easy to talk to, has great ideas and understood my vision easily. She delivered just the right style of music for my documentary. Great music makes it easy to success as a director. I’ll definitely be calling her again. “

-Doug Jacobson
Director, Journey to the Flames and Faire: An American Renaissance




Dramatic - Dark

Upbeat and Inspiring

Pop and Eletronica

Circus Music

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Astra Von Berlifitzing


Transitional Justice


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Los Angeles
Tel: +818 554 6686